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What is RORO services? Roll on roll off method of shipping is suitable for almost anything that has wheels. At Cargomax International Inc., we offer reliable and cost-effective RoRo shipping anywhere in the world, with the service delivered by our professional team. We will develop a tailored solution for your needs to ensure your cargo gets to its destination safely and on time.
What Can You Ship Using RoRo services?
The main criteria for RoRo shipping is the cargo must have wheels. This includes

Roro services – Truck exit Roro Vessel • Passenger vehicles
• Trucks and other heavy goods vehicles
• Vans
• Construction equipment or vehicles
• Mining equipment on wheels
• Equipment, including heavy equipment
• Recreational vehicles
• Trailers
• Railroad carriages
• Specialist vehicles
• Boats including yachts
• And more
• Mobile homes, caravans, and RVs

In addition, RoRo is suitable for vehicles of any size or weight including heavy machinery or high vehicles


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What’s the Difference Between RoRo and Container Shipping?

RoRo essentially means your cargo is rolled onto the ship or ferry at the departure port and then off again at the destination port. The ships and ferries have specially constructed ramps and cargo bays to facilitate this.

Your vehicles or cargo can roll on and off under their power or they can be pushed/pulled using specialist equipment operated by port personnel.

Once the vehicle or cargo is on the vessel, it is secured using blocks, braces, and ties. This ensures it doesn’t move or get damaged during the journey. Also, the cargo areas of the ship are secured to protect your vehicles or other wheeled cargo from the elements

Container transportation, on the other hand, involves lifting cargo on and off the vessel using a crane. The cargo is usually inside a container.
Roro services – Roro Ship Unloading



All You Need to Know About RoRo

Our RoRo shipping options are fast, reliable, and safe, plus you can ship vehicles and other wheeled cargo to almost any destination. There are two important things to remember about RoRo shipping, however.

Firstly, you should make sure you have adequate insurance cover just like you would for other forms of freight. Secondly, you can’t include personal belongings with a vehicle that is being shipped using the RoRo method. If you need to include personal belongings, you should consider container shipping instead

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RoRo benefits

• RoRo is the simplest way of shipping most cargo on wheels, including passenger vehicles, trucks, and vans. As it is the simplest, it is usually the cheapest too.

• One of the ways costs are kept low with RoRo is you don’t need to prepare the cargo in the same way you need to if you are shipping in a container. When using container shipping, the cargo needs to be packed in the container, transported, and/or stored, all of which adds to your overall costs.

Because of the points mentioned above, RoRo shipping is the faster option.

When Should You Use RoRo services?

When you want to ship a vehicle or other type of cargo that has wheels
• When you don’t need to include personal or additional items with the vehicle
• If you want a simple and fast option
• When you want to keep costs low

Roro Services – Vehicle Roro Ship

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